Red Yellow Lentil Dhal

I call it Red Yellow Lentil Dhal as I use red lentils but the dhal will turn completely yellow because of the turmeric in this recipe. It’s personally one of my favourite dishes especially during winter as it got so much flavour, heat and good ingredients.

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Well worth a visit! My favourite coffee shops in London…

I love all these independent, little coffee shops and cozy cafés in London and want to share a list of my absolute favourites. Do you like a good morning coffee, an espresso after lunch, a flat white in the afternoon that keeps you going? Or an iced coffee on a hot summer day? No matter what you like best, check out the following places.

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An unforgettable evening at Sky Garden London

It was the perfect night for going up the Walkie-Talkie building and enjoying not only great food but breathtaking views over London. The Sky Garden on the 35th floor is absolutely stunning and the perfect location for any time of the day. If you fancy some good food on top of it, book a table at Darwin, London’s highest brasserie located on the 36th floor overlooking the beautiful garden.

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